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crabgrass post-m

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Hey All-

I spring seeded some areas and used tenacity at seed down. I should have done a follow up app or put down some dimension a month after seeding but did not. I am beginning to see some crab grass in some areas. At first I thought it was poor quality TTTF from the seed I laid in April, but after looking at it more, it is crab grass. My question is can weed b gone crabgrass take it out at the 2-4 tiller stage? Should I use tenacity again or a little of both? I am planning a fall overseed, so I want to make sure I take out as much of the weeds as I can here and still give myself a month or so for them to wear off prior to labor day.


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I usually end up hand pulling them, as once they get past 3 tiller stage it's a challenge for quinclorac. Is it a lot of area?
You can try Wipe-Out crabgrass killer - it has higher ai of quinclorac and has been effective at controlling some. It will take min 2 applications, and make sure the grass isn't already stressed when you spray it.
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