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Crabgrass in front lawn

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I have a lot of crabgrass in front lawn. Due to me trying to overseed in spring and not applying pre-em.. my question is where should I go from here ? I'm afraid that after winter is over and spring arrives I'm going to be left with some bare spots . What can I do now to help myself in spring ? Any tips and advice is welcome.
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Do you still have time to kill it with glyphosate and put some seed down this fall?
You could probably do that where I am, but I am not sure when frost hits there in Lexy
g-man said:
I would not kill a lawn for some crabgrass. Have you used weed b Gon plus crabgrass to control it? Then overseed?
I was thinking of spot spraying rather than applying it to the whole lawn. Then again, I'm not sure how pervasive the crabgrass problem is, so that distinction might not be very meaningful.

The weed b gone products have a 30-day wait before reseeding. A real perk of glyphosate in a time-crunch is a minimal waiting period for reseeding.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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