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Crabby Chas Bermuda Soil Test Results

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Got my soil test results back. Planning on growing bermuda from seed. What should I do? Soil is basically straight sand to slightly loamy sand.

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I can go into depth later, but the things that stand out to me. Low CEC (exchange capacity on report) - if you do go the seed route, keeping the soil wet is going to be very difficult. Additionally, the soil is not going to hold many nutrients - you may find yourself applying NPK only to have it leach through the sandy profile. To fix this, you need to incorporate organic material (or clay, though I do not like this tactic) into the profile. This will increase your exchange capacity and allow your profile to hold more water, along with more nutrients. Secondly, the Na levels in the front are well above recommended levels - find a way to get some calcium into the soil profile (gypsum is often used).
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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