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wardconnor said:
Today I installed new blades on my verticutter overseeder and verticut my front 7500sq ft.

I feel like the turf needs thinning out. Its so incredibly dense. I think this could be contributing to the washboarding I can not seem to shake off.

Going to sand my lawn and overseed in a few weeks.

More thinning out tomorrow.

The washboarding is fairly evident in this picture.

New delta reel blades. Man I'm so glad to have new blades. It compares to the feeling of a freshly sharpened reel or the proverbial hot knife through butter. You get the picture. Pun intended.

What brand of verticut is that WC? Would you attribute the thickness from how well those overseeding a lawn? I've got my eye out for a used one to buy.
1 - 1 of 441 Posts
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