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Ridgerunner said:
Holy Cow! I believe that's called a "widow maker." I fear one of these days you're gonna shoot an eye out.
@wardconnor Does your Will instruct to wife to post your final video? :shock:
Great vid tho, Keep them commin'. :thumbup:
Damn that was crazy Connor. I do crazy stuff like that too but this tops anything I've done. I once cut a big oak branch like that and the thing swung so hard thank God not in my direction. I've learned not to mess with big branches while on a ladder ever again. Edit- the lawn's looking great too! I'm convinced though that you have mostly KBG from seeing more of your videos. Also how did those swirl/circular pattern stripes get in the previous pic? Was that on purpose? It looks pretty cool.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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