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Confusing effects of Tenacity

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New Home Owner. Moved in on April 1, 2017.
Location: Colorado, 5b
Grass Type: Rye/Fescue/KBG mutt mix

Just wanted to first give a shoutout to this forum, I've learned so much with you guys.

On the 12th (10 days ago) I aerated, overseeded, fertilized with Milorganite and Scotts Starter Fert with Tenacicty.

This morning, (10 days later) I woke up to quite a bit of my lawn being white tipped - from the Tenacity.

Since overseeding, I've noticed a lot of nutsedge coming in, which I will deal with later - I am sure this is because of the watering like crazy, and expected this.

But some of the grass that I thought was fescue, is also turning white.

See here:

Some of the photos are obviously nutsedge. Photos 6, 7, and 8 scare me the most as I thought that was just "grass" and not weeds. If this is a weed, then my entire lawn is a weed.

If it is a weed(s), then what is it?
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I had a very similar experience. I followed nearly the same process as you and a week later a _lot_ of my lawn was turning white. The only explanation is that half of my back yard was in fact bent grass, not something non-weedish.

*note: the image has an instagram filter on it that i thought illustrated how much was turning white*

heres a non filtered version

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