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Compaction issue with sand?

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Good Morning everybody and Happy Monday.

I've had a spot in my front yard that has been giving me a pain in my rear end for a while now. About a month ago, my wife came home from picking our dog up from the vet. i was inside and my wife began chatting with a neighbor. At that time our dog dug a pretty good size hole in my front yard. The hole was about 3.5-4 inches deep. I did some research and I recall seeing that Bermuda could push up through this distance of sand with little issues.

I put down all purpose sand the next day and made sure the existing tops of bermuda was poking through the sand as you can see. Since then, I have had no progress in terms of filling this area. Could it be because the grass is having trouble growing through the sand with a hole this deep? I'm hand watering and I've applied a hand full of 19-5-9 to it, but with no resolve.

This is my first time doing a filling/leveling so I know i'll have to correct the issue, I'm just stumped on what to do.
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Yeah, you should be fine with the sand. 👍🏼
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