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Common Bermuda sucks.

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This sure is a stretch, but anyone know a way to isolate the different types? I look at it and become annoyed. I'd like just one type of Bermuda in my yard... I was hoping low cut (.75"), 1# of nitrogen per 1k per week, and pgr would make it happen... Maybe I'm just too impatient. I need more consistency!
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I have common bermuda with some type of hybrid in a section of the yard. The hybrid IS slowly pushing out the common once I bought a reel mower and kept below an inch. It may be hard to tell in this pic but from the middle of the picture and to the right is the hybrid and to the left is common.

Just a side note. The picture you posted looks like torpedo grass to me, not bermuda.

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I bought a TruCut mower 2 months ago and love it. There is a dealer in Austin, only one I could find in the entire state of texas
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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