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Some of you are using Serenade or other biofungicides like Companion or Actinovate to prevent fungus diseases. Others of you are using synthetic fungicides as preventatives or curatives. Have you ever considered combining them? Promotional material for Serenade touts its advantage in making other fungicides more effective. It also apparently helps with the problem of fungi developing resistance to fungicides.

Here is a video on how Serenade works:

I am using Serenade because I don't want to use synthetic fungicide. I don't want to hurt the good fungi. I am particularly concerned about the mycorrhizae. Here is a good introductory article about mycorrhizae:

In researching, I found some information on fungicides that are the least damaging to the mycorrhizae:

If someone is using a biofungicide in a preventative program but gets a fungus anyway, one option is to use a dose of a synthetic fungicide in addition to the biofungicide. It would be best to pick a fungicide that is effective for the particular disease that is also on the list of fungicides least damaging to the mycorrhizae. If the biofungicide enhances the synthetic's effectiveness, perhaps just one dose of the synthetic will suffice and then you could go back to using just the preventative biofungicides.

Those of you using synthetic fungicides may want to consider that using a biofungicide along with your fungicide could make it more effective.
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