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Chapin 2 Gallon Pro sprayer

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Received my new sprayer today, first impression was you can tell it is pro quality.

Second impression, I couldn't believe how flimsy the pump arm itself feels being plastic. It feel unstable, but who knows.

Guess we will see how it holds up.
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pennstater2005 said:

Have you had a chance to use the sprayer yet? Do you like it? The pump arm on my two gallon sprayer is flimsy too but I've never had any issue with it over the last few years.
I finally used it once. It was fine. The pump worked as expected. I probably made more of it than needed. With more use I will know better.

If anything, I had more issues with air escaping as I pressured it up because some parts were probably not tight enough, but I will see. It was weird and the most annoying as opposed to the plastic pump handle.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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