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Chapin 15 gallon 12v ATV Spot Spryer

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Last fall I bought a Chapin battery powered backpack so I could spray prodiamine but realized quickly that it wasn't gonna work for my entire property. Not that it won't work but I'm too lazy for it 馃槀. So the other day I got this sprayer and 3 nozzle boom (boom doesn't come with sprayer). I made a platform for the back of my rider, added the boom and a couple shutoff valves to the sprayer. I sprayed my back yard today (18,000 sq ft) and am pretty happy with the way it worked out.

I need to make a few modifications like different spray nozzles, the ones that came with the boom aren't that great. And I need to reinforce the platform, I underestimated how heavy 15 gallons of water was. But other than that it's awesome! Can't wait to spray more stuff, the neighbors are gonna think I'm nuts 馃お

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Colonel K0rn said:
@Cory Nice job on the retrofit. In hindsight, I wish I would have opted for the ATV sprayer instead of the tow-behind trailer sprayer that I got from Tractor Supply.
Thanks! I was originally gonna tow it in my yard cart but I kept thinking how much of a pain it was to back it up to start a new row so decided to mount it.
nagol said:
Very nice. I'm thinking about doing this. Where did you get the brackets?
Thanks! It came from the uprights of a garage storage shelf that I wasnt using anymore.
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