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Chapin 15 gallon 12v ATV Spot Spryer

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Last fall I bought a Chapin battery powered backpack so I could spray prodiamine but realized quickly that it wasn't gonna work for my entire property. Not that it won't work but I'm too lazy for it 😂. So the other day I got this sprayer and 3 nozzle boom (boom doesn't come with sprayer). I made a platform for the back of my rider, added the boom and a couple shutoff valves to the sprayer. I sprayed my back yard today (18,000 sq ft) and am pretty happy with the way it worked out.

I need to make a few modifications like different spray nozzles, the ones that came with the boom aren't that great. And I need to reinforce the platform, I underestimated how heavy 15 gallons of water was. But other than that it's awesome! Can't wait to spray more stuff, the neighbors are gonna think I'm nuts 🤪

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Reminds me of something Michael Wise built a few years ago on ATY. I dug up the thread, but it looks like all the photo links are dead now.
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