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Central Florida - Is this a Robellini Palm Tree? Lots of ground growth from the base.

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In the house we moved into there is a 4 trunk? limb? palm tree in the back corner. I think it's a Robellini Palm but all of the images I see online and other Robellini's don't have any of this base growth. The top matches but this one has massive leaves and stalks that grow out of the base of the tree at a very fast rate. Is that what Robellinis do or is this something else?

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The tree itself seems like its elevated up on some growth hill. The big 4 parts of it go 12 or 18 feet in the air and all around the base those little palm things are growing. I am trying to find trimming guides for these trees but not a single one has anything like this around the base. They grow 360 degrees around the large trunks and also between them. It seems to be spreading farther out as time goes by.

Can anyone offer any advice on what's going on here or what I should be doing?
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