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Celebration Bermuda Grass Dying?

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I just put in celebration bermuda in my backyard at my home in SE Florida about 4 weeks ago. It was looking fabulous for the first 2 weeks, then about a week ago, it started to turn brown and stop growing. I have a very sandy soil, and have an irrigation system in place. For the first 10 days, I irrigated every day for about 45 minutes the entire lawn. Then I cut it back to every other day for about 60 minutes. About a week ago, I cut it back to 75 minutes 3 times per week. I cut it with a reel mower for the first time around day 10 at about 2 - 2.5", then after a few days I lowered the mower down, I think I got down to about 1.5 inches, maybe slightly less, then all of a sudden it went from a beautiful deep green to patchy brown. I wondering if I over watered it, under watered it, or scalped it or if it's a lack of direct sun, since I do have significant shade. What can I do to salvage it?

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The shady area still seems to be fairly thick. Is it drying out too much? have you probed the soil to see if its moist enough? Did you fertilize? Its still fairly early on in the life of your sod. If you can figure out what's going on, it should bounce back strong and fill back in, in no time.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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