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Castor Oil emulsifier concentration

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Search isn't surfacing what I'm looking for, so sorry for additional thread. Castor oil needs a little help to emulsify in the water carrier for spraying. The bottle lists ratios all over the map for castor oil : soap. 2:1, 1:1, 1:2... basically any ratio is 👍

Castor oil has been pretty effective as a mole repellent for me, but I never know how much dish soap to add to the mix. My last application went down 1:1 with 6oz castor oil in 6oz unscented soap, in 2 gallons water.

What recipe/ratio are the rest of you spraying castor oil (if you are)?
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I don't use it, but I do sometime use dish soap and or baby shampoo either as an surfactant or a wetting agent. You really can't put in too much, you should be fine with any of those ratio. Use whatever works for you.
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