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c0mical's "lawn"

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Well boys, I figured I'd post a few pictures of what I am working with. The backyard is in much better condition than the front. Full disclosure, we moved into this house in December and so basically this is just what I am working with. The previous owner of the house was in poor health the last few years, died, his house was sold and flipped, and we purchased it. Here are some pictures of the backyard. I will post some pictures of the front yard in the future, but it is basically some more St Augustine and dormant sod from this winter. The flipper put the sod down in the fall/winter before we purchased...

With that said, the lawn is ridden with weeds. I put down Scotts Bonus S Weed n Feed before I researched too much into things. It has atrazine in it and is taking out some of the clover...that's about it. I spend an hour pulling up these tough as F weeds in the backyard. Here is a picture.

Anyone know what this is? I'd love to find a chemical that will kill it and stop it from coming back. The tree in my backyard is a pecan tree, by the way.

I'd like to make this backyard look nice. We have plans to remove all the brush on the fence line, remove the fence, and put in a 8ft privacy fence. We also will tear down our temporary garden and put a real one in once the fence is in place. *Sigh* Lot's to do...
Full res photos available here
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