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Brown/dead seedheads (bermuda)

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Have noticed since I sprayed Celsius (now 3 weeks ago) that I now have a bunch of brown little seedheads in my bermuda. Rest of the grass looks good, but all of the little brown seedheads affect the color a little bit. Not sure if the links to photos will work (can't get to postimage at work).


Wider view:

Compare that with even just last week where the grass looked basically the same, but there were a lot less dead/brown seedheads

Could this be from the Celsius? Something else?
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Thanks, @booneatl! It's a work in progress. Still pretty new to the lawn thing. This was sodded exactly a year ago. PGR is on my list of things to add to the regimen, but other things have taken priority this spring (like building a shed so that I can store more yard toys :lol: ). I'm cutting with a reel at about 0.75", but I know that my reel needs backlapping...afraid to backlap at the height of growing season, though, b/c knowing me I'll screw it up and end up having to go back to the rotary. So might just suffer with it for the season and backlap in a few months.

You can probably see on the other side of my fence the wild expanses of clover in my side yard. Later this summer (or next year depending on time) I plan on trying to kill the weeds out there and plug w/some of the Celebration and see if I can take back the side yard.
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