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Bought a JD180C

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Was itching to try reel again. Wanted the Swardman but just could not currently swallow the $2500+ price and its still too early in the game for me to spend it. Looked at Tru Cut, and they are probably ideal for a homeowner being they will cut a wide range of grass heights but they just seem odd, and seems to be complaints about the reel/bedknife adjustment being quarky. New ones still a tad pricey and could not find a local used one. Ended up buying a used JD160C for $600 online. Price was good, American made, lots of parts, I have a local JD dealer who said they can do the reel/bedknife work. Adjustments seem pretty straight forward. Cons...I dont think they make a 7 blade for it. So its an 11 blade only. Either way it will give me a lawn toy, If it does not work out, I wont take much of a bath either.

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@Rockinar very cool. Looking forward to seeing your progress with it!
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