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I'm going to start tracking my Journal here, because why not. Here is what I have done this season so far.

March 10, Ice rink down. Threw some NoMix seed from Briggs in the shady spots/dead spots from the rink

Taken March 11

March 25: Prodiamine 34 grams in section B. 34 grams in C and D combined. 24 grams in Section A

March 31: 10-10-10. One 35lb bag. .18# of N,P,K

April 2: Spring Lime went down. 320# across front back and side. 17 pounds per 1000

April 12. 10-10-10. Two 40lb bags. .42# of N,P,K

April 19 cut and photo:

1 - 20 of 154 Posts
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