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Bosnian Pine losing color at top

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We planted this Bosnian pine tree last year and it has looked beautiful. A few days ago I noticed the top third has a lighter green color, as if it’s drying out. The rest of the tree appears healthy. What’s going on?
For background, it was planted last year and this year I added weed block around it along with two other trees in my berm. The only thing I can figure is that one of the weed block staples pierced a root that feeds the top. Any other ideas and is there a way to fix?
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I doubt a staple would do that. When was it planted last year? Spring/Fall? Like you said, it looks very dry.

Has it gotten any worse? If it has post a close up of the needles. Also, at the base of the tree, what is the white grey color?
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It was planted last May and I do think it has gotten worse. I pulled a needle off that had red rings but didn’t snap a picture and had trouble finding more of them today. Due to the red rings, I got some copper fungicide and sprayed it two days ago, but not sure if that will help. The tips of the lower portion of the tree are reed which isn’t abnormal, but the top portion seems to be getting dryer, see attached.
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Here’s an up close image. Could it be dothistroma?
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