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Bone meal, potassium sulfate, gypsum, kelp. Soil test question.

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I moved to a new house and did a soil test of my loam, fescue yard. I asked Bryant Mason (the soil doctor) for recommendations. He recommended 23# bone meal, 9# gypsum, 7# kelp meal, and 2# potassium sulfate per 1000 sq ft. I live 3/4 acre wooded lot with 13,000 sq ft of lawn. Incidentally these recommendations were almost spot on to the recommendations of my old yard dense clay only Bermuda grass, no trees.
my question, are these things that need to be added yearly (generally speaking) or is he just trying to make the soil conducive to microorganisms? here is my soil report from Logan labs.
thank you!
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Where's the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium?
There is already 312 pounds of phosphorus per acre in the soil, 221 lbs potassium per acre, and 10 ppm nitrate and 0.5 ppm ammonium in the soil. He says I don’t need to add nitrogen or phosphorus, I mainly need to focus on potassium, and adding sulfur to lower pH
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