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Blanket or spot spray?

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I thought I would ask you guys what you typically do with herbicides. This is my first summer on my 1 acre now. I have a handful of dandelions popping up here and there with more to come I'm presuming. And also some wild violet? From what I can tell, that I also saw last fall as well. Would you guys just pull them, spot or blanket just to get the ones you miss? Otherwise the rest of the yard looks pretty decent. Im thinking walking around pulling would take the same amount of time as just a blanket. I saw my neighbor the other day walking up and down every lawn mower path just spot spraying. Which took him quite some time. And I'm sure he didn't hit every one. What are your thoughts?
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Spot all the way, unless it's a true infestation. I go out every 10-14 days armed with my 2,4-D/triclopyr cocktail and just walk around and spray what I see. Every time there's less and less, and eventually it should be close to nil.

I have about 22,000 SF of turf, and 2 gallons of my cocktail will cover the whole area spot sprayed. I use most of it in the back yard (12,000 SF) where I have a serious clover and broadleaf breakout. Whatever areas I miss are clearly visible on the next round of spraying.

Remember, it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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