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For the last two years i've had what I call a "death strip" in my yard. The grass is green then it will just die. it's about a 15-20 foot long 1-3" wide strip of grass that dies.

I just 100% identified it yesterday. Let's play a game...I'll let y'all take guesses at what it is, but it's certainly not what you would suspect...

First person to guess correctly gets a free beer on me (i'll send you 5$ paypal). Ill answer if no one has gotten it in 24 hours or so.

Edit: We have a winner! @randy got it!

My response:
The window on the house is reflecting the sun and basically acting like a magnifying glass over that area. It scorches the grass and kills it! If it doesn't get overcast today I'll take some pictures/video. I took a picture of my temperature gauge and the ambient temperature is ~80F. In the area where its starting to reflect ~99F. By the time it hits 1 PM its 110F+.

@Ware If you think this is a problem let me know.

1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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