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Was planning on reseeding in a few weeks (did a renovation/ seeding in March and most of it did not survive summer) and am now considering sodding front yard. The idea of seeding and watering again sounds awful, so considering sodding for first time.

That being said, if I decide to sod, what species should I be considering? I have fescue now, and was thinking of either staying with fescue or possibly trying zoysia.

Any particular species I should be considering? Was checking out SuperSod as they have a store really close to me and was looking at their Elite Tall Fescue (, Zenith Zoysia (, and Leisure Time Zoysia (

Main part of yard gets full sun in afternoon and strip along side of house only gets 2-3 hours on average I bet, so thought the Leisure Time zoysia might be good option.

If I decide to stick with fescue and seed again, any good recommendations for seed?

Looking forward to feedback!

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The NC Sod Producers Association is a great resource. You can actually search their page by cultivars...
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