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Best Pop-Up Sprinklers for Smaller Lawn

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It appears I have a smaller lawn that most of my fellow TLF'ers. See my lawn here:

My back lawn is 28'x43' (1,204 sqft). I just had two pop up sprinklers go out on me. Is there a brand or model that is better than others. I need a 180deg head that sprays about 8-10 feet out. I prefer to purchase from home depot or lowes, but if there is a superior brand that isn't sold at the big box stores, I'm willing to buy elsewhere.

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks Delmarva!

I think I'm going to go with the Rainbird 1800's with the standard 1804 nozzles. After I give them a try for a little bit. I might convert all of them to the 1800 series, then start playing with nozzles. The ones recommended all look really good. I would love to switch to rotary style once I get some uniform pop-up housings.
I ordered them from Lowe's online. It looks like the one I selected comes with some standard style nozzles. I will probably remove them and leave them in my spare parts bin. I found the ones without nozzles (part # 1804-LN for reference) and will order those as I replace others out in the system.

While waiting for the new heads to arrive, I started prepping the head sites by digging out around them. The heads were pretty much buried. As I dug around the current head, and it sat at its normal position. It is a inch or so the ground level. How do you guys recommend getting them flush with the ground? Try to hold it up while burying it, using any play I have in the line? Adding some sort of extender to the base of the head? Making a concave grade around the head?

Last question, is the extra spend for the PSI regulated heads worth the extra money? My current sprinkler layout is kind weird. Some zones have as little as two heads on them, while other zones have up to 9 heads (6 lawn pop ups, 3 planter fixed sprayers). Would the larger zones benefit from psi regulated heads, in an attempt to make water pressure more even throughout the zone?
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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