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Best Granular Pre-Emergent

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Alright, I need a good granular pre-emergent. Is the Scott's Leafy Weed Preventer OK? Or is there something that is seriously much better? I do not feel like messing with a spray.
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I wouldn't judge the success of the scott's product this year since you are way past the ideal time to spread that pre emergent. I'm not sure but I beleive the ideal time is spring and fall so you are preventing winter and summer weeds. I wonder if you could put enough down for control into September and then drop a 6 month preventative.
I used
and spread the whole bag on 8000 sq ft to get longer control.

I'm still fighting crabgrass but this was the first time I've dropped pre emergent down on my lawn.
I believe it is more expensive to do granular, I hadn't bought a battery sprayer at the time.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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