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Best glyphosate for lawn reno

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I am planning a lawn reno this fall and am gearing up to kill the lawn. I have a bunch of Poa T that I planted using inadvertently by using the wrong shade mix for some problem spots. I need some more glyphosate so was looking around. I had always used this stuff before. It is 41% glyphosate, but I also see this 73% QuikPRO. I would normally not think twice, but it sounds like Triv is especially hard to kill. Any pros or cons to the higher concentration stuff other than the included surfactant? Anyone use the QuikPRO before?
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Compare and save 41% is fully loaded (has surfactant) and tends to be one of the best values I've seen unless you're needing more than a gallon of product. It's 2.5oz per 300sqft, so 8.3oz per 1k sqft, per app. The Roundup QuickPRO was just way more product than I needed and I didn't want any other chemicals included.
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