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Bermuda suppression (removal) from TTTF

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I have a little bit of common bermuda mixed in to my TTTF in a few spots. Tenacity did an ok job of suppressing it last fall but it has definitely come back.

I've done a lot of reading on the subject but I was hoping that there was some first hand experience here. I'm planning to go out this year with a mix of fluazifop and triclopyr which I have on hand but I would be willing to pony up the money for Pylex if it is significantly better. Any experience would be appreciated.

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I hear Pylex is effective, I'd love to hear some first hand reviews. Stuff is expensive though. I tried the ornamec/triclopyr route a couple years ago and it smoked my fescue right along with the Bermuda. At that point might as well go to glyphosate. Now I have KBG and I'm not sure fluazifop is safe for it even when it's cool, let alone in the heat of summer.

So, I've taken a different route for Bermuda control, and thus far it is working well. I am using 3-way broadleaf herbicide at half rate and triclopyr at half rate, and spray whenever I see some Bermuda rear its ugly head. It's safe for the bluegrass and turns the Bermuda brown in a week. I believe triclopyr has about 40% kill rate on Bermuda, so I'm hoping even if I get 25% over the course of 3-4 years it will be mostly gone. And what doesn't get killed is going to have a miserable existence under constant injury.
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