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Bermuda health lacking, seeking advise

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I'm a new homeowner in a newly constructed neighborhood in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area and would really like to have a great lawn and want the satisfaction of doing it myself. My wife and I have spend quite a bit of time ensuring that it's weed free, and it is for the most part, however i can't seem to get it to grow. It's not the worst looking lawn however it just really doesn't grow very well. In the attached images the lawn hasn't been cut in two weeks...

Recently I've measured the pH of the lawn and it actually varied quite a bit depending on where I placed the sensor. In the healthier patches it was around 5 or so and in the unhealthy 2-3. With this knowledge I read up on increasing the lawn's pH and laid down 200 pounds of lime per 1000sqt.

Is there anything else I can do to make my lawn grow fuller and healthier?
Was laying the lime a smart move?
Any other advise would be very helpful :)

Other lawns in my neighborhood seem to have the same issue I'm having however still there are some with very healthy lawns.

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Looks very similar to how mine looked last year. First thing decided was that my height of cut was too tall. I then decided to mow it shorter and my rotary scalped too much and tore the grass up as well. I found a used reel mower on craigslist and began using it this season. Keeping it just over a half inch tall, before it was probably 2"+ tall. So far this year my lawn is much healthier than it was last year. Not near where I want it but it is doing much better. I have also adjusted my irrigation times as Ware has suggested.
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