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bermuda grass stems

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I put down tifgreen hybrid bermuda grass sod about a month ago. The sod I received was long and after waiting the initial 10 days to mow the grass was well over 2 inches tall. I was gradually bringing the grass down lower, but after my last mow yesterday I cut down below the blade level to the stems. The stems are about an inch tall by themselves. Will new grass blades grow out of the brown stems? Should I add Iron to the lawn? Fertilizer? Whats the best course of action to take?
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What fertilizer should I use? It's going to be 95-100* the next week. With the heat I'm afraid too high nitrogen content might be counter productive.
I put some organic fertilizer on the ground before I laid the sod, but no fertilizer since.

I water for 12 minutes every other day.

The area is not level as I have an area that is scalped and 1 inch away I have grass 1.5 inches tall.

I am planning on planting perennial Rye in October as shade becomes a big issue from October to April. When that time comes I'm going to have to cut the grass short. So you're saying I should keep the grass the length as is until then? I have hybrid Bermuda so it does better when it's short. There is a reply earlier that says I should cut it down to the length I want now so it only get stressed out once. I'm a bit confused.

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The temperature will be between 90-105 from now until October. Part of the lawn does not receive full sun so I'll leave that a little longer.

Next question is fertilizer: With it being between 95-100 the next week should I use a 16-8-6 or what would you recommend?

My current water rate is 1.5 inches per week. This good?
I took some advice and cut my lawn down to 3/4 inch (scalped) with the hopes of establishing a 1 inch lawn from here on out. I then fertilized with a 21-0-2. Daytime temps are about 95* with full sun and watering 10 minutes every other day.

Here are the results day 1:

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Doberman actually.
So 15 mins every third day?
It's been a week since I scalped the lawn. In the older grass I see a big improvement already, but in the newer grass still looks pretty bad. Although when look closely I can see a few green blades sprouting from the brown stems. Is this normal or should I have seen a bit more improvement already?
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