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bermuda grass stems

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I put down tifgreen hybrid bermuda grass sod about a month ago. The sod I received was long and after waiting the initial 10 days to mow the grass was well over 2 inches tall. I was gradually bringing the grass down lower, but after my last mow yesterday I cut down below the blade level to the stems. The stems are about an inch tall by themselves. Will new grass blades grow out of the brown stems? Should I add Iron to the lawn? Fertilizer? Whats the best course of action to take?
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Fert + water + time

Yes the grass will grow from the brown stems. Depending on how much of the area you scalped it might be a good time to drop the height of cut (HOC) down lower and do a full scalp if you're wanting to maintain a lower HOC. We normally recommend aggressively scalping rather than lowering the HOC over a week or 2. That way the grass will get stressed once and it's over rather than dragging out the process over a few weeks. With it being new sod you definitely want to make sure it's rooted down good before stressing it too much.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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