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Bermuda grass / mowers

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Hello all!

New to the forum here so this is my first post.

I am the president of a girls booster org for soccer and we have a Bermuda field and practice field. Over the past several years the grass has been mowed with a rotary mower and I am looking at investing in a reel mower. We are limited on the budget side and that has take me to look at inexpensive pull behind types of mowers. We are currently considering one built by promow (7 gang with 8 blades) this is the light commercial rated one. Has anyone used this mower and what are the pros and cons? Here is the one we are considering.

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Not necessarily trying to steer you away from a tow behind but have you considered an 84" cut triplex like the Toro 3100D or Deere 2653? Perhaps even a fairway mower? The used market is always well-populated with these type machines and they are quite a bit more efficient than towed gang mowers.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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