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Bella kentucky bluegrass plugs

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Anyone here have experience with Bella bluegrass plugs ? I have a small section of the yard that was invaded by Poa Annua heavily this year. I was thinking about digging up the poa patches and planting some Bella plugs.

The plugs cost about 49 dollars a tray for 70 plugs.
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@Thick n Dense, is it going dormant, or is that due to disease? Have you figured out out?
No confirmation about the issue from last year being disease. This year theres some still green but looks bad.

One thing I have realized since last year is that deer and rabbits have a tendancy to tear up plants in my neighborhood. Going back to the pics from last year, it does kind of look like someone chopped the tops off.

If you want, I can plug the bella up and ship to you if you want to have a look see and play around with it. Maybe we can make it a thing were we keep passing it around lol
I just mowed and it looks so bad compare to my PV that I dont even think its worth investigating.
@Thick n Dense

Nice idea, but that's ok. Don't really have an area to try it. And I wouldn't want to start the trend of spreading soil pests around between different states, anyway.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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