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Battle! Bermuda v. Nutsedge

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Okay here's the rundown.

Sprayed entire yard with no selective herbicide (round up).

Tilled entire backyard.

Planted bermuda seed.

Seed is just starting to germinate, but the nutsedge is coming back with a vengeance.

Do I :

Wait to deal with it later with Sedgehammer or other selective herbicide?

Hand pull nutsedge?

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Photos please, cause I want to know what type. Purple kill now - don't hand pull.
I'll admit I've pulled extremely young sedges during my stolonizing project. The goal was to keep the sedge from forming tubers. I eventually sprayed with certainty but not at the beginning. The environment from all the water adds to the problem, and as you reduce the water, you make the environment less conducive to sedges.
Greendoc said:
Certainly is the other product I have no qualms about using within a month of seed being spread. On Stolons, it is applied as soon as I see new growth and roots formed. If I waited until the third mowing, the area might as well be scrapped and re done. Then again, a lot of problems with sedges and other weeds are reduced by a herbicide fallow before putting down the grass.
My concern was rain-fast-ness of the certainty. I was spraying hourly. I didn't think I could spray and get the plant to absorb the herbicide before it was washed off by the next irrigation cycle, so I felt like my only choice, was to hand pull the weed. I then followed up with an herbicide application once the irrigation cycle was such that I felt the plant would have had enough time to absorb the herbicide before the next irrigation cycle washed off the herbicide.
@Greendoc Irritating twice a day - are you talking about sod, seed, or stolonizing?

So three months of herbicide, irrigation, and fertlizer, then plant, all for pre-plant weed control?
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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