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Balancing 1/3 rule with heat stress and mowing stress in the heat

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We've all had the 1/3 rule brainwashed into our heads. Sorry for the harsh word, but I couldn't think of a gentler one that meant the same.

At the same time, the advice is not to walk on and certainly not to mow partially dormant turf in hot, dry conditions...especially if it's not growing fast and definitely not if it's getting crunchy. Mowing or even walking on it is a stress, and more so in these conditions. Also, removing length can reduce the soil shading effect of longer grass. I have a feeling it also helos due to moisture retention and photosynthesus in the blade.

Couple that with the experience I've had over the past couple of Summers, seeing taller, uncut grass do much better as far as staying green. Yes, evapotransporation supposedly goes up the longer the grass is. But that doesn't seem to have as big an effect as the depleted moisure from shorter grass for the reasons mention above. Even though the 1/3 rule was broken, these lawns seemed to do better.

Next, I saw posts where others came to the same conclusion. Finally, watching videos by Pete of GCI, in which a professional and hardcore turf enthusiast practices the same thing, not mowing in hot, dry conditions, has me convinced that we need to reevaluate the application of the 1/3 rule and not be so quick to recommend it as a blanket approach.

Thoughts? Ideas? Sound good? Gone off the deep end, lol?
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FWIW when it's hot and dry I'll leave the grass alone. Right now, it's hot but I have good soil moisture so the lawn is doing well. I still won't cut it until the temp drops or we get a spit of rain.

I did an application of MicroGreen from GCF last week. Not sure if that's helping the yard but the PRG/KBG i planted last fall is still nice and dark green.

A few years ago I mowed a stressed lawn and it went brown in a hurry.
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