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ATLawn's 2018 Lawn Journal

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Here we go! The beginning of my lawn adventures in 2018. Here's what I've done since the D word (dormancy) last fall:

- built a fence around the back yard in December (pics to come)
- Ended up scalping and applying pre-emergent in mid-February, after an incredibly warm month. I knew the cold wasn't over but soil temps forced me to get a weed barrier down.
- Got the McLane in for a complete pre-season checkup/maintenance.
- In the beginning of March, my wife and I brought home our first four-legged family member. Our Pup's name is Quincy, and he's a 12 week old Aussiedoodle. I'm really excited that this year the lawn will serve a daily function, as a place where our pup will play and spend time!
-I've mowed twice since scalp day, once about a week and a half ago, and again today. My guess is by this time next week I'll need to start a regular mowing schedule, as the temps are gradually climbing. I also sprayed a hefty start-of-the-season dosage of Holganix Bio 800+ (compost tea on steroids) in an effort to really kick greenup into high gear.

For a little context on my lawn journey thus far, here is my initial journal entry from last year:

This will be the first truly full season of lawn care since I bought my house in Oct 2016. So much of last year was spent in recovery mode and playing catchup, so I'm excited to get out ahead of things this season.

Here are some of my main goals for the season:

- stay under 1" for as long and as much as possible
- In order to to make way for extending my patio, I'm transplanting plugs from one area and trying to establish a large strip just off the edge of the backyard. This will be my main project in 2018. For anybody with experience establishing lawns with plugs, would love your insight! This project will add some uniformity in shape to the entirety of the backyard, as well as add some square footage. Would be really cool to see full establishment by the end of the season. This project will start at the beginning of MAy.
- I'm pretty much out of town from the middle of June through the middle of July. Right before I leave in June, I'd love to Saclp, verticut, aerate, and level with sand. I've been wanting to tackle a leveling project since last year, so being pretty much gone for a month straight seem like a good time to let the lawn recover.
- My wife and I are going to try our hands at growing some vegetables/herbs this season, so we'll see how that goes!

That's about all I can think of at the moment. I also want to be much more consistent with my documentation, so hopefully this lawn journal will help me do that. I'll upload some pictures tomorrow to let everyone see what I'm working with this year! For now, I'll leave you with my favorite photo from last season. Cheers and good luck to everyone in their lawn endeavors this year!

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Sprigs have to stay moist since they have no root system. I was irritation a few minutes every hour, 24x7, for a few weeks. You might have some success without the regular irrigation but I wouldn't count on it.
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