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Hey guys- New member here, lurker of several week, turf envy that runs very deep, and someone who was not welcome at "the other site" for some reason. Was told to come here from a fellow BGE enthusiant.

Anywho- I"m south Metro Atlanta location. Mature yard of 419 bermuda, negelected all it's life I assume, and took control of it 3 years ago full of weeds and bought at auction. My exact soil, and location is akin to UGAs Griffin extension down the road for turf science. This is TIF country.

Lots of erosion issues around due to slope. Tons of rock in the soil enough that a thrown spike or screwdriver will ding off a rock and not stick in saturated soil. Lots of shade in the morning, with NW facing front door and tall trees and close neighbors.

Anywho- I have always have reel envy, and I'm also a bit of a turf nerd. I'm a chemist by trade, and enjoy nerding out on the science of things!

To cut to the chase; I'd like to get some direction on what to change and move forward with. Currently I pay a company to spray/apply any pre- emergent, treat my weeds, etc... Problem is, I'm ready to fire them. They've got me a solid base, I cut short with a rotary to around 1.25-1.5 but it's way to high for my liking. I"m infested with goosegrass. I don't have a single weed other than sedge in the wet spots and goose grass all in the front yard..

I have my own celcius, I have a backpack sprayer, and I have a broadcast spreader. I add my own fast release 34-0-0 every 4 weeks regardless of the company at half to 3/4 rates. I've noticed in my shorter cutting I have more lateral growth, even covering the random spots in my yard that are covered in algae and have rocks under them.

First and foremost-

What should I buy to treat goosegrass currently as a post emergent? I plant to do my own pre-m next year.. twice, like it should be done, and with the correct stuff since I struggle with goosegrass, and I have neighbors who don't keep their yards cut short or weed "minimized".

I plan to get a reel around the winter- but I know I need to level and fill holes and gaps in my yard. Should I wait till this time next year before doing so?

I will attach pictures shortly of current yard- roughly 4000 sq ft together. I have alot of "wild area" of my back yard that butts up to the golf course that isn't grass, but lots of trees and pine straw.

Thanks for a great site, and for feeding my curiosity- I hope to enrich this place with my own turf knowledge, beers and grilling. ;)

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Welcome to thelawnforum....I am too a lawn nut. This is a great site for getting tips/techniques and sharing your pics as your yard shines through the season.
I am located in the Griffin area and was wondering where exactly you were located?
Share some pics and maybe we could get together and share secrets of the trade

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Get those rocks up. I spent weeks and months picking up rocks, then i used my shop vac to get smaller rocks.
Start with the basics. Water 1 inch per week, 1lb N/1000k, good pre-m twice a year, celcius for all weeds but sedge, i use image for sedge but there is a ton of good stuff.
Once you do that. Save for a reel mower, sky is the limit.
After that start getting into sprayer and spreader technology and soil testing for micros application.
Then you can focus on leveling.

No reel (you like how i did that) order there. Do it all at once or a little at a time.

Its a fun ride. Welcome to the lawn forum!
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