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Applying Bioadvanced Grub Killer weeks after GrubEX?

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Found 2 grubs today when digging up a dead piece of grass (12 inch by 6 inch due to accidentally applying weed killer).
Now I know 2 grubs isn't a major issue, but since I put GrubEX down 2 weeks ago, would i harm anything by putting down Bioadvanced 24 Hour Grub Killer Plus Granules over my lawn just to be safe and kill off any grubs that may be around?
Rather be safe than sorry
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Chlorantraniliprole (Grubex) is a preventative and has a longer residual.

Trichlorfon (Grub Killer) is a curative and has a short residual.

In other words Grubex lasts a long time in the soil and works slowly to get rid of grubs. Grub Killer is like spraying a spider with a bug killer, it will kill them quickly and then dissipates. It will pretty much kill everything in your lawn that comes in contact with it - ants, worms, crickets, earwigs, etc.

Now like my wife always tells me, answer the damn question.

You can put the grub killer down after the Grubex.
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