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Another Weapon In My Arsenal

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33 year old me: Check this out. I got a new spreader.
18 year old me: Ummmm...ok? What's it for?
33 year old me: For the lawn.
18 year old me: Ummmm...ok? How much did it cost?
33 year old me: $299
18 year old me: You're an idiot...

It came in today but it's too wet to use it. :(

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stotea said:
Nice! This reminded me that I need to buy a new spreader this spring. My Scotts Deluxe EdgeGuard is basically kaput. I really don't want to spend so much on a spreader, though. Spreaders in general seem so overpriced for what they are. Ugh.
For some of the consumer grade "premium" models, I would agree. However, the Lesco 80lb I just put together was worth every penny of it's asking price. Real 300-series stainless steel frame and fasteners, not plated or 400-series. Heavy-duty gearbox and a very sturdy hopper all riding on quality wheels & tires, not miniature or plastic. The gate controls are all stainless and heavy duty. Push-pull rods and bellcranks, no cables or plastic involved. Knowing what it cost to fabriacte such a unit, I think they've done well to mass-produce them and get them down to around $400.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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