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Another Weapon In My Arsenal

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33 year old me: Check this out. I got a new spreader.
18 year old me: Ummmm...ok? What's it for?
33 year old me: For the lawn.
18 year old me: Ummmm...ok? How much did it cost?
33 year old me: $299
18 year old me: You're an idiot...

It came in today but it's too wet to use it. :(

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Very nice!!! Glad to see another Spyker spreader on the forum!
TC2 said:
On the subject of spreaders, is there any easy way to prevent over/under spreading or is it just practice? Can't seem to correctly judge the distance apart I should be using. Does spreader make a big difference (currently using a Scotts)?

Last year, my first few spreads gave me green tram lines from overlap and when I tried to correct it using half-half in a cross pattern, I ended up with a checkerboard instead :/.
I think part of it is the operator and part of it is the spreader. The higher end spreaders tend to have a better distribution pattern and are more adjustable to what you are spreading. But if you use a spreader enough, you can learn how it spreads and adjust for it's imperfections too.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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