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Am I going to get a $1,500 lawn watering bill?

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Last year I was cheap about it, barely watered my lawn, and pretty much destroyed it. Glad I did Aeration and overseeing in the fall. Right now the lawn is nice but some spots that get lots of sun are starting to dry out.

Here is the issue.
I have a 8 zone sprinkler system. I am running each zone at around 30-40min. I turn it on at 5am and it stops by around 8:30am. That's 3 and a half hours of water. And at the end of it, after placing those cat food size cans around to see how much water has been collected, I am around 1/3rd of an inch. Is this normal???

Everyone says that you need to water enough to collect 1 inch of water. I am at one third of that after 40 minutes on each zone.

I am curious, is it normal to run sprinkler for an hour or so per zone? Am I going to see this huge water bill at the end of summer? What do folks here pay for watering their lawn?

Thank you.

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Im new to irrigation myself this yr. 16 zones with 9 on one controller and 7 on the other. Ive got my larger one going anywhere from 30 mins to 1 hr. Ive still only got 1/3 of an inch running it the longest. But the wife has no water pressure in the morning to shower being we're on a well. So I usually don't get to run them as long. Starting at 11 and ending around 430-5am I have mine running every night alternating controllers to try and achieve every bit i can. I know its not ideal and i hope im not setting myself up for shallow roots. But thats all I can do. From what I have read from others, im not alone. It's just part of having a large yard. Or atleast thats what im hoping.
The way my controllers are set up, I have to run all zones per controller each time. I can't figure out how to set it up to run different zones per day. Unless i switch programs every day manually. Its an older toro groundskeeper. Ive read the manuals and have seen some videos. But nothing showing how to change it otherwise.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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