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Alternate soil fertility product confusion and questions

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I've been seeing a lot of questions floating around regarding a lot of these "alternate" soil product and I'm getting confused at what I'm looking at. In addition, it seems that a lot of these products can be looked at as snake oil and have very weak science backing it up, but I don't even know enough about the stuff right now to even know what would fall into that category.

I might be duplicating generic and brand names here, but the ones I've seen tossed around. Humic Acid, Humate, DeTHATCH, MicroGreen, GCF Air8, PermaGreen, LazyMan Liquid Gold, Soil Tech Turf2Max, exiGrow, kelp powder, UFlexx, UMaxx, NutriSphere-N, HCU, "wetting agents",

I'm assuming that these don't fall into the same category and I might be mixing up apples and oranges here, but...

1. What groups is each of these associated with? For example, I've read the GCF Air8, Liquid Gold, Turf2Max are all liquid aeration products. @thegrassfactor did a nice video explaining them (I haven't seen a result video and if its worth it). But I don't have a clue if the other products would fall into a liquid aeration group or soil admendments type group.

2. I'm sure its quite broad but in general what other products that I missed would fall into this?

3. Which general groups are worth looking into further that aren't snake oil?

Sorry if these questions seem stupid but all of these different types of chemicals and uses are running together and I can't decipher if they are the same, or if they are completely different products.
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Molasses are great for exactly what you describe. Actually any sugar/carb. It makes the soil microbes go into overdrive. But just buy it at the supermarket. Go for one without preservatives/sulfur (ie unsulfured blackstrap). The idea is to feed instead of killing the microbes. Use around 2-4oz/ksqft.

I have also applied turbinado sugar in the past and a rate of a couple of handfuls per ksqft. :-D
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