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All Things Bermuda

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Sometimes I have random thoughts, read an interesting white paper, or snap a photo pertaining to the greatness of Cynodon, and I don't quite know where it would be appropriate to share. So I figured we'd could create a safe space for all things Bermuda, all the time, right now.

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Have you found that Yukon Bermuda Stolons and common Bermuda stolons are virtually indistinguishable. The leaves of both are very wide on the stolon. Only the internodes are closer and stolon stalk slightly thicker. Weird but when the plant matures the leaves are significantly finer and darker in color. I pulled up a bunch of (what I thought was common Bermuda ) during my renovation just to find out that I shot myself in the foot. One of my many mistakes last year.
Nice pictures
Every week we have been having frost. We are getting 3 days of 80's and 1 day of below freezing. 1st time i have seen such weather. Thursday it was 28 degrees with frost in the morning and 83 degrees in the afternoon. Neighbors Zoysia Lawn and most of the warm season lawns are struggling. They start a little green up and the frost comes and turns there lawn yellow as can be. This cycle has continued for the last month. Most lawns are an odd yellow. Once my yukon greens up. it doesn't yellow up from a morning low temp or frost. Usually takes a couple days of cold temps to knock it back
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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