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A remote option for trimming tree branches...

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Hello All!

I made a similar post a month ago on several arborist community sites, looking for general feedback on a new product my team of MBA's have been exploring as a safer alternative to traditional chainsaw usage. (attached are a few pictures) The inventor has named it the Branchsaw, and in it's current iteration, it requires a rope and bag to locate the saw into a tree, but it can be operated from remote control on the ground. Our team has the long term recommendation to our inventor to further develop an automated tree climbing capability. However, I am seeking some honest input from landscapers who routinely trim trees.

One benefit besides just being remote operated and increasing safety, is the ability to save trees that might otherwise have to come down by trimming unnecessary branchs.

Please note this is still a prototype and not a finished product, and your input could our inventor refine and bring this product to the market.

Please let me know what you guys think!

Thank you

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And this is how we end up in an apocalyptic scenario with chainsaw drones flying around killing us all. :cautious:
Liability seems like may be a major issue to overcome.

I’d also think about the target market. Is it DIYers or professionals? The latter won’t adopt in my opinion; the DIYers may be more interested.
I'm curious. Are you able to use the double-cut method with? And how does the device get to the limb that needs the cut in the first place?
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