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46-0-0 u-maxx purchase online or in Massachusett

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I am new to his forum, tried search umaxx from where to purchase online or in Massachusetts,
Any help will be appreciated.

They do not sell in MA

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46-0-0 is just Urea, and you'll usually find the best deals by shopping in-person at your local agricultural supply house. Site-One is located everywhere, but any bulk farm supply store should be able to get you a 50# bag of Urea for about what you'd pay for just shipping online.
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Thank you, I am interested in particular umaxx but they do not sell in MA.

Why so particular in a specific brand name.. what are you needing to achieve?? UMAXX is the name that Koch industries (?) trademarked about 20+ years ago to name their stabilized urea that uses DCD & NBPT to act as urease & nitrification inhibitors. They also marketed the UFLEXX product which contained a lesser amount of these inhibitors, essentially cutting the duration of release from 8-10 weeks to 6+ weeks (which is what is more common in the LCO field anyhow being that they tend to run on 6 week application cycles). These same products (DCD & NBPT) are used by many other manufacturers in different strengths and amounts so you can find alternatives depending on what your supplier carries, but asking for UMAXX is akin to being specific about Kleenex as a tissue brand. I don't mean to diminish your question, just wanting to make sure you're not following some advice about such and such being There are different products to accomplish the same thing.

If you're set on finding it try suppliers that carry JR Simplot products. I think they're the ones who have that name now. Ewing Irrigation is someone that carries that line but they tend to stick to UFLEXX, from a cost & practicality perspective (I add practicality because nitrogen for turf grass is not buried under soil as in farming, so UV rays and surface disturbances will cut the duration of any stabilized or slow release nitrogen, to a degree. Most people will choose value over some theoretical advantage that may or may not translate to the real world). I just looked up what Ewing sells their 46-0-0 UFLEXX and it's approx half the price of UMAXX, for 2-3 weeks longer release curve.

Check out Simplot's website filtered by available UMAXX products. You'll see that UMAXX is also available in different fertilizer mixes not just 46-0-0, and if you click on the Label for any of those products and read the Derived From notes you'll see exactly what I'm referring to. Here's a snapshot for ease of viewing.

I guess the question is, what are you needing to achieve? There are other forms of controlling nitrogen that results in even longer release durations, if that's what your objective is. Here's a quick table for reference. Hope this info helps.

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Great, I am looking to water soilable slow release nitrogen with cost effective option.

I saw some folks recommended to 46-0-0 umaxx, hence looking for purchase one bag of umaxx for liquid fertilizer application.
For some reason I do not see online purchase option in Simplot's website filtered by available UMAXX products, from which website you got the price for 46-0-0 uflexx?
Site One shows Umaxx products so maybe tou can get some shipped in that way?
Siteone has 50 lb bags of sprayable Urea (Lesco brand) for $25/bag.
Siteone Sprayable Urea
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If you have a Home Depot, they have this. Pricey but what you are looking for.

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