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2018 oversees question...

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I'm wondering if next Fall I should oversees with KBG or Perrinial rye just for species diversity. I believe I have s little KBG in my lawn already.
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Where in NC are you?
Overseeding with KBG is not an optimal strategy. If you want to try your hand with KBG, it is best to do a reno. Also, several forum members are growing KBG in the transition zone, but it is a risk--especially because of disease.

Perennial rye looks great, but I don't hear of too many people pairing it with fescue. My neighbor gave it a try one year. His yard looked great during the winter, but the rye didn't fare well in the summer.

My recommendation would be to focus on cultivar diversity rather than mixing types (although the KBG PRG pairing seems to work well from what I've read).
I would bet that tall fescue is the best choice for your area of North Carolina. The mountainous areas of NC might make KBG a more viable option, but I believe that you are a sizable distance from the mountains.
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