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2018 - Cool Season - What did you do with your lawn today?

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Happy New Years TLF members! Please use this thread to discuss what you do in your lawn.
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Found a few pounds of PRG seed left i forgot about, so just threw it down in my Fall reno and stomped it in the bare spots to see what happens so i could clean up my storage a bit. Thus far we've had a pretty warm Winter here. It was like 55F/35F yesterday.

Also been spraying Tenacity on some Poa Annua thats popped up in my Reno in late fall, between that and pulling i think i have it mostly under control.
Yea we went from warm high 50's in a warm winter here in Oregon to constant snow and freezing temps forecast the next week or two.
We're gonna blast up into the mid 60's this weekend i cant wait. Hoping to throw some *** down on existing grass just to see how it does. Gonna be gone for several months out of the country so trying to wrap everything up yard related before we leave.

The big reno kill off begins in May when I get back....

And yes i know Fall is the "best" time to overseed/reno but we have mild summers here, maybe a week or two in the 90's or above and thats usually not until September....

Plus with in ground irrigation i can keep it going strong.
Mowed my PRG/KBG reno (or the patches that were high enough after 3 weeks), looking to put down some Dominion for grubs this weekend and maybe another hit of Milo.
My trees have started puking leaves all over, spent an hour or two blowing and mulching leaves with my bv6600 I got last Christmas, it's amazing lol. Mowed to get the rest.

Also had a random person walk by and ask who my landscaper was. #FeelsGoodMan

5 Way KBG+3 Way PRG mix cut at about 1" with my rotary mower.
1 - 5 of 1343 Posts
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