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100% Liquid lawn program, no granules

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Would it be possible to have 100% liquid lawn program?
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Tanks for the replys. I read the MQ´s Liquid Lawn Fertilizing plan. It was very informative.

My interest in Liquid Lawn Fertilizing, is more due to my small lawn. It's difficult to get a god even granulate coverage whiteout hitting my flower beds, the street and everything else surrounding my lawn.

I am already using som spray herbicides an macros and I am very pleased with the application accuracy the spreder provides.
I have done some research and found out that my local garden center supplies the Headland Amenity products.

Follow link for an overview of their products:

Now I only have to perform a soil test to find out what products I should buy.
Do you guys have any suggestions on what products from Headland Amenity's product line i should buy?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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