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  1. Warm Season Lawns
    At first I thought they were from the squirrels digging for nuts in my lawn but they seem to have spread. Any idea what this is and what to do about it? Hopefully it’s not too late with lower temps…
  2. Warm Season Lawns
    Had sod installed May 2021. As the grass came out of dormancy this past Spring, many, many areas of the lawn lay sideways. I have raked and raked all spring, summer and fall, but it doesn't stay upright. I'm assuming it is because I am not mowing low enough. My Echo mower will only go as...
  3. Warm Season Lawns
    Hello everyone, when I originally sodded my yard we used empire zoysia, sadly that supplier went out of business and I can’t find empire pallets close to me. Wonder what other zoysia varieties would be ok to mix in with my empire ? Only need to add about 2 pallets. Thanks so much!!!
1-3 of 3 Results