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  1. Warm Season Lawns
    Hello there, just bought a new house in Central Alabama and the front lawn is separated almost perfectly in half with Bermuda and St. Augustine. needless to say this looks really bad. I am not sure at all the first steps as I would really like to have it look uniform throughout. Thanks in advance!
  2. Warm Season Lawns
    Hi all! Brand new here. Last week I finally completed the renovation of the back yard. After about 6 weeks in the making of digging out the weeds, Guinea grass, and old dirt (roughly 4 cubic meters), bringing in new material, installing irrigation, and laying down the Zeon Zoysia sod. I left...
  3. Warm Season Lawns
    Hey! Recently moved to North Alabama to a new construction home with a new Bermuda sod lawn planted last Fall, based on my research here I think it is probably a hybrid bermuda but its just a guess. The lawn is currently very bumpy and I plan to start leveling based on the Bermuda new testament...
  4. Warm Season Lawns
    Hi all, I am a first time poster and a bit of a lawn novice. Apologies in advance for a long post, but want to provide details and context that could be helpful. I would appreciate any and all advice. Context: I live in Atlanta (Buckhead) and had ~1,500 sq. ft. of Zeon Zoysia installed in my...
  5. Warm Season Lawn Journals
    Hi everyone! I’m in Austin, TX. We had fresh Geo Zoysia laid down in August 2022 in the midst of a big drought, following our pool construction project and subsequent re-landscaping. Fortunately we were still able to water according to the installation instructions for the first month and we...
  6. Warm Season Lawns
    Hi grass community! Wondering if I could get some advice growing grass in my backyard. I’m in Little Rock Arkansas. Warm season grass. Trouble is, there’s a lot of shade in my backyard. Huge oak tree blocking Sun. Any advice on growing grass back here?
1-6 of 6 Results